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We store all documents concerning the UI here. Also covered are links to general UI documents and places of interest.


NetBeans 4.1
NetBeans 4.0
NetBeans 3.6
Old UI Specs

UI specifications for NetBeans 4.1

Document Name Description Last update
Code Navigator Navigator allows users easy to orientate in java source code as well as to perform some basic actions. 14/01/2005
JUnit Tests (release F) User Interface Specification for JUnit Test module in Promo Release F. 02/03/2005

UI specifications for NetBeans 4.0

Document Name Description Last update
Find Dialog in the Editor Find Dialog allows search thru the source code in the Editor. This spec. covers state of implementation in release E. 24/01/2005
Code Navigator Code Navigator allows users easy to orientate in java source code as well as to perform some basic actions. 14/01/2005
J2SE project type Specifies GUI elements for specialized manipulation with J2SE Project Type. 21/07/2004
Build System Specifies GUI elements of the new build system, which are common to all project types. 16/07/2004
Favorites window Describes that the Favorites window allows the user to create files and folders outside of a project context. 15/07/2004
Source editor related actions The intention of this specification is to revise all editor actions and their occurence throughout the main menus. 25/06/2004
JDK 1.5 support (Generics, Metadata, Enums, Varargs) This document introduces several extensions to the Java programming language. 22/06/2004
Freeform project type Specifies GUI elements for specialized manipulation with Freeform Project Type. 22/06/2004
UI design of refactoring features Defines UI and behaviour for specific refactoring features. 22/06/2004
Surround With Surround With feature should allow to surround statements easily. 07/06/2004
NetBeans 4.0 debugger changes - user's view Contains description of new features and UI changes planned for NB4.0 debugger modules. 18/05/2004
New icons in the main ToolBar Introduces the new concept of dynamical Toolbar. 14/05/2004
VCS - BuilSys adoption This document describes supported scenarios/workflow also limitation and restrictions. 28/04/2004
Build system and project type guideline Provides meaningful guidelines for all of the Java Development tools built on top of NEtBeans. 14/04/2004
Build system integration user view Specifies how the Form Editor should work with the new build system. 14/04/2004
Sliding windows (Auto Hide)in the new WS Design Specification Contains specifications about sliding windows behaviour and design. 06/04/2004
New design of Multiview replacing old TAB logic Design Specification Defines design nad behaviour for Multiview, specifies how to display different views on one source file by these Multiview. 06/04/2004
Task management enhancements Describes the user interface design of the improvements to the Task Management. 24/03/2004
Javadoc AutoComment The users would benefit from autogeneration of the JavaDoc comment skeleton to boost the productivity. 20/02/2004
Smart selection How to increase the user's productivity. 17/02/2004
UI Framework for new features based on MDR Describes basic UI framework for Metadata Repository (MDR). 13/10/2003
Module I18N Describes Internationalization Wizard. N/A
Module Utilities, part Search Describes module Utilities, Search. N/A
Module JUnit Describes module JUnit. N/A
JUnit - Creating Tests from Contextual Menu Defines the new UI for creating JUnit tests directly using contextual menu (updated in relation to release E) 19/1/2005

UI specifications for NetBeans 3.6

Document Name Description Last update
Task List integration About integration of existing Task list to official distribution. 09/01/2004
Smart Paste feature About "Smart Paste" action in Source editor (for copying code from other places, e.g. from outside of the IDE). 07/01/2003
VCS Outputs Describes how the outputs would be presented in the new windowing system. 08/01/2004
Smart brackets About the IDE which would insert a closing bracket each time when opening bracket is typed. 04/12/2003
Shortcut for implemeting/overriding methods This feature invokes short list of all the methods that are candidates for implementation or overriding in edited class. 24/11/2003
Error tooltips This error tooltip will be added so that when the user hovers over the erroneous code in the editor the error tooltip is shown. 13/11/2003
Print to html Describes the ability to print any file in the editor to an html file. 12/11/2003
Smart Enter inside String About inserting a new line (the source code remains in a consistent state). 01/12/2003
Java Class Wizard Introduces with the intention of helping novice or inexperienced users get started creating Java classes. 11/11/2003
Start new line and Split line actions Describes two simple keyboard actions: Start New Line, Split Line, which are useful variations of the Insert newline action. 18/11/2003
Select document node in Explorer Defines behavior of an action which allows the user to select the node in explorer corresponding to a document open in the document area. 18/06/2003
Code Folding Allows to collapse (hide) and expand certain parts of the document. 22/05/2003
PS-customizer Experimental look of a Customizer button. 31/07/2003
Prototype Design comparison of a Boolean property in the new Property Sheet. 10/10/2003
XP L&F and design for new Window system This document contains specification of all new WS. 22/12/2003
Polished design of Classic L&F for new Window system This document is about betterment and polish Classic L&F style for new Windowing System of Netbeans. 12/12/2003
Window system Defines basic window system elements, their behavior, appearance and interaction with user. 18/06/2004

Old UI specifications

Document Name Description Last update
Options Guideline Guideline for the Options system. Definitions and instructions for integrating a module into the system. 26/09/2002
Transparent Error Messages Explaining user errors inline. 26/09/2002
New Window System Window system re-design allowing besides other improvements flexible layout of views within the main window. 06/09/2002
New Themes Proposal Proposal for how to use a theme mechanism in NetBeans. 06/09/2002
Install Support About supporting multiplatform installers and meeting users expectation. 04/09/2002
Advanced Options UI Spec Spec describing behavior of Advanced Options Dialog. 20/08/2002
Options System UI Spec This UI Spec is a complete re-vamp of the Options Dialog. 20/08/2002
Status bar for 3.4 and 4.0 UI Spec Description of nodes. 18/06/2002
Looks UI Design This document describes Looks API from the perspective of user-level concepts and discusses possible ways to use it and visualize it in the NetBeans IDE's user interface. 24/04/2002
The NetBeans Debugger Interface: Changes for 3.4 This document presents a list of interface changes that are being considered for NetBeans 3.4 19/03/2002
Errors marking in source editor This version is based on thread on nbui: http://www.netbeans.org/servlets/ReadMsg?msgId=265282&listName=nbui 15/03/2002
MDI Maximized Windows How maximized MDI windows should look. 07/03/2002
Java Elements Icons Proposal Proposal for making Java elements icons more understandable and accessible. 09/11/2001
Options Categories Proposal Proposal for adding categories to the Tools | Options dialog. 09/10/2001
Menu Mnemonics Reference Reference for mnemonics in the main menus of the IDE. 09/10/2001
Browser Options Quick Improvements to the Browser selection process. 24/08/2001
Annotations Design View A design for NetBeans annotations. 23/08/2001
Projects 3.3 User View User view for Projects in NetBeans 3.3 31/07/2001
Shortcut Registry Proposal A proposal to register shortcuts and thereby prevent collisions. 17/07/2001
JAR Files User View and UI Spec User View for providing a coherent VCS experience in the IDE. 09/07/2001
VCS Core User View User View for providing a coherent VCS experience in the IDE. 28/06/2001
Status Indication UI Spec A global status indicator would unify the way NetBeans displays status to the user. 20/06/2001
Shortcut Conflicts and Solutions Proposals for resolving current shortcut conflicts. 06/06/2001
New Wizard -- Design View This document describes possible implementations of New Wizard. 04/06/2001
Property Marking Proposal An idea for marking properties that have invalid values. 24/05/2001
The Actions Feedback Variety of the user actions feedback causes a lot of usability issues. All feedback from user actions should appear in a consistent form or place. 22/05/2001
Component Palette This document describes user interface enhancemets of Component Palette. 20/05/2001
Object Browser The Object Browser gives user ability to view miscellaneous objects hierarchy. This document describes user interface enhancements of Object Browser. 15/05/2001
The UI Faces A proposal for a global UI settings. 11/05/2001
Consistency - third part Analysis of the netbeans screens and the nbui guidelines. 12/02/2001
Toolbar Cleanup Proposal A proposal for making the toolbar more attractive and less cluttered. 30/01/2001
Consistency - second part Analysis of the netbeans screens and the nbui guidelines. 29/01/2001
Consistency - first part Analysis of the netbeans screens and the nbui guidelines. 23/01/2001
NetBeans Theme Proposal A proposal for using metal themes (capability of metal L&F) in NetBeans. 03/01/2001
Mount Filesystem Dialog Proposal Proposed re-design of the UI and work flow of the Mount Filesystem dialog. 22/12/2000
New Wizard Re-Design Small changes to the New wizard to better accomodate other programming languages. 22/12/2000
Icon Badging Proposal A proposal for an icon badging system that lets Netbeans nodes display state information. 11/10/2000
Filechooser Proposal A proposal for a new Netbeans filechooser. 02/10/2000

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