UI Design Resources

Document Name Description Last update
Mailing list Here you can browse our mailing list archives about Netbeans User Interface. N/A
NetBeans Modules Here is a list of modules which user interface is under control of HIE team. 09/04/2003
WizardDescriptor Documentation WizardDescriptor documentation. 20/02/2003
NetBeans UI Style Guidelines How to make your module fit in well with other NetBeans modules. 03/01/2003
NetBeans requirements Planned features for NetBeans 3.3, 3.4, 4.0 30/12/2002
The NetBeans UI Development Process This document describes how to get assistance from the NetBeans UI Team, and what to expect during the UI development process. 14/08/2001
Looking for the "GridBagLayout Customizer Tool"? Are you interested in trying GridBagLayout customizer? Try this link. 20/06/2001
Current Shortcuts A comprehensive list of the shortcuts currently used in NetBeans 06/06/2001
The UI Checklist This checklist is for NetBeans UI designers and developers. It provides reminders for the details that can sometimes be overlooked when creating a screen. 25/05/2001
Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines, 2nd Edition General consistency and usability advice for Java UI designers. 02/2001
Accessibility Proposal What does it mean Accessible application, who is destined for and why is so needed? You can find it in this proposal. 10/01/2001
Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines: Advanced Topics Design issues and human-computer interaction in the context of the Java look and feel. 2001
NetBeans Wizard Style Guidelines How to design usable, attractive NetBeans wizards. (Under review.) 02/11/2000
APIs related to the user interface About APIs related to creating the user interface. 19/09/2000


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