User Interface Specification:
Erroneous Code Tooltips

Author: Christopher Le Dantec
Last Updated:
November 13, 2003
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When erroneous code is typed into the editor it is underlined with red to indicate that there is an error. Along with the underline a badge is added to the editor gutter that indicates an error in the line. When the user mouse hovers over the gutter badge a tooltip is displayed with the error information. This error tooltip will be added so that when the user hovers over the erroneous code in the editor the error tooltip is shown.

Detailed Spec

The content of the tooltip and its behavior is no different than what is already present for the error tooltips shown for the error badge in the gutter. The only change to the feature is to enable it on code underlined as erroneous in the editor.

Special Case: When there are multiple tooltips for a given piece of code the error tooltip is shown by itself first. This behavior is based on the assumption that the highest priority for the user is to resolve any errors before continuing on with their coding task.

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