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Author: Christopher Le Dantec
Last Updated:
November 12, 2003
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This feature adds the ability to print any file in the editor to an html file. The html file location is specified by the user. Coloring and other font attributes are preserved by the print action -the user cannot change or override the coloring for Print to HTML. The action is provided by the editor and will be available for any type of file viewed in the editor.

System-Wide UI Impact

The Print to HTML feature adds a menu item to the File menu and a corresponding dialog for setting the html file location.

The menu item Print to HTML will be added to the file menu directly following the plain Print menu item.

Page Setup...
Print to HTML...

Print to HTML has the mnemonic of H.

Detailed Spec

Once the user selects Print to HTML from the File menu they will be presented with the following dialog:

Properties of the Dialog:

  1. HTML File Location field: Lets the user specify the location of the html file.
  2. Browse... button: Opens a filechooser for selecting a location for the html file.
  3. Print only selected text check-box. When selected only the selected text will be printed to the html file. Default: unchecked.
  4. Show line numbers check-box. Prints line numbers in the html file. Default: Matches the current state of the editor. If line numbers are shown in the editor then the check-box is checked by default, if there line numbers are not shown in the editor then the check box is not checked by default.
  5. Open generated HTML in browser. Opens the html file in the default browser once it has been created.

Open Issues

1. The selected text check-box may not be a feature supported in promotion b. Needs some further investigation.

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