User Interface Specification:
Smart Enter inside String

Author: Gabriel Tichy
$Revision: 1.3 $
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When the user is typing a string and wants to insert a new line (where he wants to continue typing of the string), it's convenient to provide smart split, i.e to ensure that the source code remains in a consistent state.

Detailed Specification

If Enter is pressed inside a string, the line is splitted as normally, but some additional characters are added automatically onto two places:

  • a closing quote with + sign at the end of the splitted line
  • an opening quote at the beginning of the second line

Enter in Action

Before Enter

After Enter

  • indentation works as usually
  • all white characters are preserved (it's the difference from the normal Enter)
  • caret is moved after the opening quote


Undo is working exactly in the opposite direction.

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