User Interface Specification:
Smart Paste feature

Author: Dusan Pavlica
Last Updated:
January 7, 2003
Version: 2

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This feature is about "Smart Paste" action in Source editor (for copying code from other places, e.g. from outside of the IDE). It does normal paste and then reformats the code. Does not try to add imports, variables declarations, etc. User needs to copy a piece of code into another place, then most correction should be provided automatically.


Detailed Spec

The feature will simply indent a block of code immediately after user's paste action (CTRL+SHIFT+V). When user would like to paste any block of code, then all this block will be shifted into the same position like has code above pasted block in the Source Editor. Note please that it isn't the same action, which we use for reformatting of selected block of code and which is called Reformat Code (CTRL+SHIFT+F).

Normal Paste action CTRL+V will remain without any change.

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