User Interface Specification:
VCS Outputs

Author: Jan Rojcek, Gabriel Tichy
$Revision: 1.3 $
Table of Contents:

1 Introduction

The new windowing system keeps all the windows inside the main window. Therefor all windows from the old window system that used to be open as a separate windows outside of the main window have to be either presented as non-modal dialogs or moved into the main window.

Most of the VCS command outputs were shown in a separate window in old windowing system. This spec describes how these outputs would be presented in the new windowing system.

The output of VCS command can be of following types:

The output of VCS command can be presented via:

In the new windowing system, VCS commands' output would be shown at two places:

2 References

VCS windows modifications are initiated by new windowing system:

3 System-Wide UI Impact

3.1 Window | Versioning Menu

A "VCS Output" menu item is displayed in "Window | Versioning" menu and it is used for opening the VCS Output window.

Figure 1: VCS Output Menu Item
| Window |
Debugging                >
Versioning               >  VCS Filesystems (F) [Ctrl-8]
--------------------------  VCS Groups      (G) [no shortcut]
Switch to Recent Window     VCS Output      (O) [Ctrl-9]

3.2 Status Line

Each executed VCS command prints a label informing about the status of executed command into the status line. Two kinds of status text are possible:

4 Detailed Specification

4.1 VCS Output Window

VCS Output window is a window displaying output of VCS commands. The output is either of Status Output type presented in GUI Visualizer or Text Component, or the Data Output type that doesn't have a GUI Visualizer and thus it is presented in Text Component.

4.1.1 Text Component

VCS Output window contains a tabbed container which displays each VCS command output as a separate tab.

Figure 2: VCS Output Window

VCS Output window characteristics are following:

Figure 3: Icon of VCS Output Window

The VCS Output window components are following:

4.1.2 GUI Visualizer

A VCS output tab doesn't have to show only the standard text component. Also outputs of VCS commands (producing the Status output type) displayed in a GUI visualizer are shown inside the output tabs. For instance the CVS Update command uses a table as a GUI visualizer. The table is embedded inside the tab.

Figure 4: VCS Output Window - CVS Update table component

4.1.3 Contextual Menu

The Output tabs are discarded manually by user. The user right clicks on output tab, or inside the output component a menu with following items appears:

Figure 5: Output Tab - contextual menu
Save to File...
Discard Output Tab
Discard All Output Tabs

4.2 VCS Document Window

VCS Outputs of Data Output type are displayed in document area (if there is a special GUI visualizer for VCS output). A document window is open for each executed VCS command. The window characteristics are following:

Figure 6: VCS Document Window

5 Issues

Removed Functionality

These components from in design are not present in the current design: