User Interface Specification:
Source Editor Related Actions

Author: Gabriel Tichy
$Revision: 1.5 $
Table of Contents:

  • Source Editor right-click menu
  • Source Editor Gutter menu

  • Introduction

    The intention of this specification is to revise all editor actions and their occurence throughout the main menus. Discoverability is a real problem in the IDE. Actions are distributed, many of important and useful ones are even not visible.
    Source editor's right-click also needs to be redesigned.

    System-Wide UI Impact

    Main menus

    See Detailed specification.

    Source Editor

    See Detailed specification.

    Detailed Specification

    Main menus


    Current State

    New Solution
      Find Usages...
      Find in Projects...
      Go to Source
      Go to Declaration
      Go to Super Implementation 
      Go to Line...
      Go to Class...


    • Go to Line... is renamed current action Goto...
    • Go to Class... is now placed in the Tools menu
    • Find Usages... and Go to Super Implementation is new refactoring action


    Current State

    New Solution
        Editors                   >
        Code Folds                >
        Web Browser
        Toolbars                  >
    [ ] Show Line Numbers
    [x] Show Editor Toolbar

    Source Editor's right-click menu

    Right-click menu should include a small subset of the most commonly used commands in the appropriate context.

    Current State (Java)

    Actions to be removed

    Action Type Clarification Note
    Close All Documents
    Close All But ...
    Clone Document
    Save Document
    Windowing System Windowing System actions are available by tab right-click menu already. Applies for all editors.
    New >
    New dialogs for Java elements No reason to include them in the source editor. Applies for all editors.
    Edit action Used by keyboard usually; widely known shortcut. Applies for all editors.
    Tools >
    Main menu Main menu with many unrelated actions. Applies for all editors.
    Margin >
    Margin menu Margin menu. Applies for all editors.
    Windowing System Properties are visible in a separate window, no added value.

    Applies for all editors.

      Obsolete in editor.

    Applies for all editors.

    New Solution (Java)

     Go To                 >
     Find Usages...
     Show Javadoc
     Refactoring           >
     Fix Imports
     Reformat Code
     Surround With...
     Run "[class name]"
     New Watch...
     Toggle Breakpoint
     Code Folds            >

    Go To submenu:

     Super Implementation


    • Line... = Go to Line...
    • Class... = Go to Class...

    New Solution (Other)

    For all other editors, actions except those mentioned in the table below remain unaffected.

    Source Editor's Gutter menu

    Current State

    Gutter menu contains three annotation sections. The first section contains all actions registered for annotation type which is currently visible. The second section contains submenus for all other types of annotations which are set on the line (active) with their actions. Third one is similar to the second one, but contains rest of the annotations types which can be set on the line (inactive).

    New Solution

    Only one section for annotation types is always visible - it contains all annotation types (as submenus with their actions always in the same order), regardless of active or visible annotations.


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