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Smart Selection

Author: Gabriel Tichy
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The user often needs to perform tasks at certain granularity level - single statement, method, class. Being able to select such granularity items more easily will increase the user's productivity.


  • Feature #35623: Smart Selection - language structure-based selection

System-Wide UI Impact


Action is not included in any existing main menu, neither in source editor right-click menu. In the future, it should be probably placed in a menu related to the editing of the source code itself (e.g. "Code" menu).

Editor Settings -> Key Bindings

Action Name:                                         Keybinding:
Select Next Element     [select-element-next]        Ctrl+Alt-A
Select Previous Element [select-element-previous]    Ctrl+Alt+Shift-A

Detailed Specification

When the action is invoked, it will make structure-based selection depending on a previous selection.

In Java source, Select Next Element gradually selects a word -> an expression -> a statement -> a method -> a class -> class -> an entire file.
Select Previous Element makes selection in opposite direction.



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