Common Status Line Multi-monitor Behavior

Author: Ondrej Langr, User Experience Design Team (internal link)

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Problem Description

This specification is meant to replace somewhat outdated status line specification and additionally to the previous specification addresses some issues which have been encountered after it was written. Should the two specifications differ, this one always prevails.

The Issuezilla issue for this specification is #123344.


spec. image

Single-monitor Behavior

If the Status & Progress area is larger than 550px, the all sliding windows, global status line and editor status line are merged into a single common status line (see standard appearance in the picture above). No editor status line is present in such case, the editor related information is part of the common status bar.

If the size of Status & Progress area would drop under 550px (due to too many windows docked or small NetBeans application window), the global and editor status line are present as a single status line under the sliding windows bar (see (c) in the picture above).

Multi-monitor Behavior

Whenever an editor window is undocked (not necessarily on a standalone monitor), the in-editor status line should appear again, displaying all editor information related to that file (see (d) in the picture above).

This means that unless a user specifically undocks a file, all status information (including the line number and position) will be present in the global status line. If a file is undocked, all information related to that file will be present in it's own "editor" status line.


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