IDE running on JRE - UI Specification

Author: Ondrej Langr, xDesign Team

Table of Contents

Problem Description

This document suggest changes to information structure and appearance of existing dialogs (identified in IDE on JRE UI review) in order to achieve pleasing user experience.

Dialog Changes

Starting the IDE with JRE

current dialog:


suggested dialog:


Summary of changes:

  • Dialog should use native L&F - necessary to make obvious that the dialog belongs to NetBeans IDE (at the point this dialog pops up, no other NetBeans windows are visible)
  • Title needs to state "NetBeans IDE" as at this point, it is not obvious which application does the dialog belong to
  • Link to wiki should be actual hyperlink, not just text
  • The warning icon should be (if possible) in the new netbeans brand (icon available here)
  • Stack trace ommited, it does not make any sense in case the problem is missing JDK


Updating the IDE with JRE

current dialog:

suggested dialog:

Summary of changes:

  • Single JDK error message for all plugins
  • Change of texts and layout
  • Added list of affected plugins (Human readable names used in plugin manager are used)
  • Package information ommited as it is not relevant in case of missing JDK.
  • Despite that plugins can not be used, the plugin manager should allow for their installation. Thus, users do not have to interrupt their current task and go hunting for JDK right away. Instead, they can install the plugins after they have spent some effort on finding them and deal with the JDK issue later.



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