Version Option settings in NetBeans UI Specification

Author: Josef Pavlicek


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Motivation of this specification is to redesign the option settings of Versioning Systems like Subversion, CVS and Local History.



Primary goal is to redesign the option settings of Versioning Systems paced in NetBeans



Versioning system Use Cases


Versioning system settings Use Case

If the user works with the NetBeans IDE he/she sometimes needs to open the versioning system settings:

The user supposes to have these settings placed in the same logic order like they are in the Versioning main menu. The is looking for them in the Tools - >Options main manu item.


Versioning system settings Scenario

The user opens Tools -> Options. The system shows the Option Settings dialogue (Figure 1):



Versioning system settings UI design

Figure 1: The new design of Option panel

Figure 1 description:

Figure 1 shows the option menu dialogue design.


Figure 1.2: New Versioning system ICON

Figure 1.2 description:

Figure 1.2 shows the design of Versioning system icon. For downloading it click here.

Figure 1.3 description:

This figure shows the detail of mnemonic for Versioning system.


Figure 2: CVS settings

Figure 2 description:

The system allows the user to set:


Figure 3: Subversion settings

Figure 3 description:

The system allows the user:


Figure 4: Local History settings

Figure 4 description:

The system allows the user set:

For information go to Local History UI Specification.

Figure 5: Diff settings

Figure 5 description:

Figure 5 shows the Diff settings design. The user can select between Internal Diff engine and External Diff. By default is selected Internal Diff.


are disabled and have standard gray color.


If the user chooses the External Diff, the system activates the Label and Text Box and Button for click.


Figure 6: Other Versioning system settings

Figure 6 description:

We have to supposed to have more version system in NetBeans in future. If we add a new settings, this settings will be realized by new tab in the Versioning panel.


Open Issues

Open issue is, if we have to have DIFF inside of Version settings or in different places.



Thanks CVS team for helping, consultation and very good suggestions.




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