Looking for the "GridBagLayout Customizer Tool"?

There is an article on www.javaworld.com referring to NetBeans' "freely available customizer tool for GridBagLayout". Our GridBagLayout customizer is actually part of the NetBeans IDE itself, and can be found in the NetBeans Form Editor. If you are interested in trying the GridBagLayout customizer (pictured below), please follow these steps:
  • Download the NetBeans IDE.
  • Install the IDE.
  • Create a container (e.g., JFrame or JPanel) by selecting New from the File menu. Creating a container will automatically open the Form Editor.
  • Right-click the container in the Form Editor, and select "Set Layout", then "GridBagLayout".
  • Add some components, right-click the container again and select, "Customize Layout...".
You should get something that looks like the figure below.

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