Incremental Search Bar Integration

Author: Ondrej Langr

$Revision: 1.6 $
$Date: 2007/10/18 10:11:35 $

Table of Contents

Problem Description

The new Incremental Search Bar feature introduced in 6.0 Dev versions basically duplicates the functionality of regular search window, only it has less options. Based on e-mail discussions, the old search will be abandoned and the new Incremental Search Bar should be put in place of the original search and thus become the only editor search available.

Note: Provided both searches allow the same functionality, users are likely to get used to one of them and use the one all the time, even if we provided them both. Thus, if users will request the old search, we may introduce an option allowing to set which search to use.


The options present in the current Find Window are as follows:

  • Match case - is already present in the Incremental Search Bar.
  • Whole words - should be also included in the Incremental Search Bar.
  • Regular Expressions - should be also included in the Incremental Search Bar.
  • Wrap Around - always true. A decent sound signalization should be present to notify the user that he reached the end of the file.
  • Search Selection - always true when there is a selection spanning for more then one line.
  • Search Backwards - always false. There is a back button in the Incremental Search Bar.
  • Higlight Results - Keep.
  • Incremental Search - Is always true for Incremental Search Bar.

Visual Description

How the Incremental Search Bar may look after the changes proposed (compare to the current state):

Behavioral Description

  • The incremental search bar should be invoked by a standard find shortcut (currently Ctrl + F on windows as of September 2007)
  • When the search bar is displayed and the find shortcut is hit again, it should map to 'Search Next' action.
  • The F3 and Shift+F3 shortcuts should also be possible to use for search next/previous
  • There should be sound signalization of end of file reached
  • when the string does not exist in current file:
    • nice to have: sound signalization
    • the background should be red to signalize the absence of string being searched:
  • when writing regular expression (when the regular expression checkbox is on)
    • the Match Case and Whole Words checkboxes should be disabled
    • this is consistent with Find in Projects dialog
    • the text color should be red and the following error message should be displayed when the expression is invalid:
  • when the 'Regular Expression' checkbox is checked, the 'Whole Words' checkbox (together with it's label) should be disabled.
  • When the search field is empty, the next/previous buttons should be disabled.

Summary of Changes to Current State

  • current search window (non-incremental) should be hidden from the UI
  • incremental search bar should be assigned standard find shortcut (Ctrl + F on windows)
  • close button should moved to the right - we have closed buttons mostly to the right from what they actually close (e.g. progress bar, editor tabs). Plus it is not going to be used frequently, since the incremental search disappears when the user returns to code with mouse or hits the ESC key.
  • New options: Whole Words, Regular Expression, Highlight Results
  • new delimiter between next/previous buttons and options
  • background color of incremental search bar changed to attract users' attention after the search bar is displayed
  • Error notification in case of invalid regular expression - error message in status line with red background

Tooltips and Functionality

All options should be possible to check/uncheck by keyboard.

Open Issues & Notes

  • Should the Whole Words and Regular Expression checkboxes be remembered? Yes.

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