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Author: Dusan Pavlica
Version: 2.0
Last Update: 04/12/2005



  1. Introduction
  2. UI Cases
  3. Open issues


1. Introduction

The purpose of this document is to find UI problems in new GUI Builder and according to these problems to improve its current design and behavior. We can use UI cases for bug fixing, cover edge cases and finding better solution for them.
Some UI scenarios could be used during usability study as well.


2. UI Cases

This chapter includes some typical UI cases, which we found during discussions or by testing prototypes.


figure 1 - Different padding between textfields according to existence of jButton1?


figure 2 - The same padding between jLabel2 and group above? Shouldn't be the padding different according to overlaps of components?


figure 3 - Padding between jLabel1(2) and components below isn't recommended by guidelines?
Putting the second column in the center and carry it there during resizing is problem too.
Note please that labels in first column and second one can have different length.


figure 4 - How should work resizing in situation that textfields were dropped by guiding lines without any additional setting?


figure 5 - What will happen with jTextField1 when user will minimize width of window?


figure 6 - What should be default behavior of those two textareas according to resizing?


figure 7 - How should user set up components to achieve resizing which is visible above?


figure 8 - What should happen after inserting the Label3?


figure 9 - How user achieve this center layout when buttons are in the middle still during resizing?


figure 10 - I had problem with prototype by this UI case. Second button jumped at the bottom of dialog after I put jTextArea2 into layout.


figure 11 - I tried to design simple Find dialog and had a problem to situate jCheckBox3 close to jCheckbox1 in the same column because of snapping to jButton3. I could switch off snap functionality, but then has a problem to align jCheckBox3 right.


figure 12 - Possibility to set the same width of more buttons in row is missing and should be solved somehow


figure 13 - Case when row containing more components. Space among them should be redistributed correctly whether user adjusted it.



3. List of issues

This section is summary of mentioned problems by UI cases above

  • Adjustment of the same width by components on one row needs special action (figure 12)
  • We need to support central guiding line (figures 3,4,6,9)
  • Rules for padding should count with special cases (figures 1 and 2)
  • Redistribution of space in the case of more non resizable columns (figures 3,4,7,13)
  • User can switch off snapping but not guiding lines (figure 11)
  • We need cover all special cases after including new components (figure 8)
  • Behavior of components when window is minimized too much (figure 5)



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