PHP Project Customizer UI Spec

Author: Leon Barnard
Date: 2008/17/06
Version: DRAFT

This document is a specification of the NetBeans IDE Project customizer for PHP Projects.

Table of contents:

Use Cases and Scenarios

The project customizer is used to modify settings that were made during initial project creation (e.g. location of sources, encoding type), and to access more advanced project settings that are not available in the new project wizard (e.g. run arguments, include paths). The objective of the customizer is to offer more fine-grained control over project settings. Thus, it is not expected that users will need to access it in order to run their projects. All required information should be accessible in the new project wizard.


Customizing Sources

In this panel, the user can see the location of their Project Folder and change the location of their Sources Folder. As in the new project wizard, the Sources Folder drop-down menu will list web document root directories that have been detected. Users can also check or uncheck the option to copy files from the Sources Folder to another location (note: this selection does not change if the Run Configuration is changed). Finally, users can change the file encoding.

Customizing Run Configuration

Please see the UI Specification for Run Configurations for information about this panel.

Customizing Include Paths

In addition to any global include paths, here users can specify additional include paths that will apply to the selected project. Since the order of include paths matters, users can reorder the list with Move Up and Move Down buttons.

Project Features

About this Project

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