New icons in the main ToolBar
Design Specification

Author: Leos Tronicek, Dusan Pavlica
Version: final design
Last Update: 14/5/2004



  1. Introduction
  2. Requirements
  3. Design specification
  4. Open issues


1. Introduction

There is a request to have the same style and size of icons in the following products: Netbeans, Sun Studio, Rave, Renier.
Redesign icons in the main ToolBar is the first phase and this document describes new UI and behaviour of that.
We reduced amount of icons in the Toolbar visible by default as well.
We introduce the new concept of dynamical Toolbar, but its implementation in promotion D depends on resources in core team.


2. Requirements

  • Create bigger icons (24x24) into the ToolBar
  • Create small versions (16x16) for menues
  • Reduce amount of icons visible by default


3. Design specification

We decided to create dynamical behavior of the main Toolbar after discussions among developers and designers.
They have more different request and it wasn't possible to satisfy them all by one short Toolbar.
We agreed with them on necessity to have right icons for different modes on the other hand.
So we have defined dynamical right part of the main Toolbar, which will adapt itself for different modes in the IDE (e.g. editing and debugging modes).

Basic concept

  • When user starts IDE for the first time, then he will see reduced count of icons by default (Editing configuration of the main ToolBar)
  • When user starts debugger mode, then additional Debug Toolbar will appear (Debugging configuration of the main ToolBar)
  • This Debug Toolbar will disappear after finishing debugger session.
  • When user displays Debug Toolbar from Contextual menu manually, then it will be visible still, independently of changing of modes
  • When user create a new configuration of the main ToolBar from contextual menu, then dynamical concept will not work


Reduced set of icons for mode of editing is the following:

*** File Toolbar (default)
New File
New Project
Open Project
Save All

*** Edit Toolbar (default)

*** Build and Run Toolbar (default)
Build Main Project
Clean & Build Main Project
Run Main Project
Run Main Project in Debugger


newicons-editing.png (93056 bytes)


Dynamical ToolBar for mode of debugging:

*** Debug Toolbar
Finish Session
Step Over
Step Into
Step Out
Run to Cursor
New Watch...
HTTP Monitor

newicons-debugging.png (46078 bytes)


Optional ToolBars:

*** Versioning Toolbar
VCS Update
VCS Commit
VCS Remove
VCS Diff
VCS History

*** Memory Toolbar
Garbage Collect

newicons-versioning.png (43643 bytes)


Additional behavior

  • User can change size of icons between bigger (24x24) and smaller (16x16) size anytime from contextual menu above Toolbars.

newicons-smallcut1.png (37701 bytes)

  • Old icons (16x16) in other modules from the Update center should fit into the new design of 24x24 icons. We created default "placeholder" icon and the small version of icons (16x16) will be merged automatically together with this bigger placeholder in a case, when main Toolbar is switched into bigger (24x24) mode.

            placeholder-clear.png (1214 bytes)                                       placeholder-merged.png (1316 bytes)
    icons before merging               automatically merged icons


Contextual Menu

User can invoke Contextual menu above each ToolBar. Then the following popup menu will be shown:

contextmenu1.png (3331 bytes)


Keyboard navigation

There is possibility to show/hide each toolbar from View menu by keyboard.
User can press F10 key for focusing main menu or he can use ALT+V shortcut for invoking of View menu.
Toolbars submenu item exists in this View menu and it invokes list of Toolbars, their configuration, possibility to Configure Toolbars and possibility to Save new configuration.


4. Open issues

  • What's about appearance in others L&F ???

    There are two screenshots on Windows2000 and JDS:

    classic_newicons1.png (54469 bytes)           jds_newicons1.png (415746 bytes)










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