WS Usability Study - Sliding Window and Multiview features

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Are you a(n) student/employee? Both Both Student Employee Contractor Employee Student Both
What IDE do you know? Eclipse, JBuilder Eclipse 2.1.3, NetBeans 3.6, Delphi NetBeans 3.5, JBuilder Eclipse, Visual Age for Java, Enterprise Architect, NetBeans Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio .NET, Delphi, JBuilder, etc. NetBeans 3.5.1, JBuilder, VisualAge JBuilder (school), Delphi, C++ Builder, MS Visual Eclipse, JBuilder, WebSphere Application Developer
What IDE do you use for your work? Eclipse Eclipse - in the company (company's tradition, company has many plug-ins for it) NetBeans - at home NetBeans Eclipse Eclipse NetBeans 3.5.1 JBuilde 9 Personal, JBuilder X Foundation Websphere Application Developer, Eclipse
What adv./disadv does the IDE have? JBuilder is too slow Advantages: Eclipse - speed, plug-ins, debugger, NetBeans - intuitive, editation of JSP Advantages: GridBagLayout, etc. Disadvantages: Execute project button is missing in the ToolBar, problems with findnext function,etc. Advantages: After saving the project he is able to see all problems (something like compile). Many plug-ins (they store the documentation at one place). Good hierarchy. Disadvanatges: Many plug-in (bad orientation) Easy to write a code, optimalization of importing, guessing the identification, guessing what the programmers want to do, good refactoring. Disadvantages: Visualization of class (e.g. UML class diagram)and some refactoring are missing Advantages: CVS, help, new version of Java Disadvantages: difficult upgrade if you want to keep same working environment Advantages: CVS, Automatic Format, Code Completion, similar envirinment Disadvantages: GUI is difficult, not intuitive trace/debug Advantages: CVS, refactoring, Code Completion, plug-ins Disadvanatges: Problems with really big projects(errors e.g in configuration of enterprise bean, appear
Did you work in a different IDE in the past?

NetBeans NetBeans NetBeans, Delphi

What was the reason for migrating?
Company's tradition It was frozen so often To make the work with application server simplier, plug-ins. Refactoring

Company's tradition
Could you provide some recommendationto us? NetBeans seems to be same like Eclipse


Better search/find function

Micro Java should be OK now

Code Completion for JSP


ShortCuts - more visible

JavaDoc - problems with installing, sometimes is missing in Editor's pop-up window

Find function - it just colores the finding words, instead of finding them in the source

Code Completion

Doesn't understand Favorities window

Code explorer

Universal abbreviation for pop-up window with all functions


Improve function of text and refactoring

Code Completion

Proactive clickfix (Eclipse: field= new StringBuffer();)

Wants to have indication of moving to the EdgeBar, to move minimized window in the edgebar, maximization should hide the EdgeBars, the windows in the background should have a close button

Code Completion


Code completion


Keyboard profiles

Wants to move minimized windows in the EdgeBar.


Prefers TABs instead of Toggle buttons

Keyboard profiles.

Code completion





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